In Lost but Found, you will meet forty special dogs who have spent time at the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home. Their stories reveal how the dogs came to be lost, how and why they were in the shelter, and the love and care they received while there and in their new forever homes.

All royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Sydney Dogs & Cats Home.

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Lost but Found is a project that was born from my work as the volunteer photographer and Ambassador for Sydney Dogs & Cats Home.

Every week I would see and hear amazing stories of animals in the Home. Some stories had sad beginnings with happy endings, while others simply had sad endings. Over time, I felt the need to document and share these stories with the purpose of educating people as to how and why the animals ended up at the shelter and highlight the love and care they received while in the Home’s care. Through this project I also wanted inform people about the steps that can be taken to ensure their pet doesn’t end up in a shelter or pound, as well as share the benefits of adopting a rescue animal.

In the process of collecting these stories, I have been fortunate to meet many amazing animals and their new owners. These stories are not just about how the animals have been saved; in many cases they also reflect how the animals have saved their new owners.

In Lost but Found, you will meet forty special dogs who have spent time at the Home. Some of the tales are confronting, some are devastatingly sad. Other stories are uplifting and joyful, showing the best of dog- and human-kind. The collection featured in this book is just a tiny sampling of the dogs who have come through the shelter and positively changed people’s lives forever. Fully illustrated and with both before and after adoption photography, this touching collection will warm the hearts of animal lovers near and far. Some of the heroes in this book include:






















The book “Lost but Found” is beautifully compiled containing lovely, heart-warming and uplifting stories of why we should consider rescuing a fur baby. The photos are great – you can see the personality of the dogs in the photos. My son and his partner have a story in this book. They said that the photographic experience was amazing – Peter is very patient with the animals, very perceptive, and very skilled. A perfect place to get your non-human family members photographed.


Lost but Found is a beautifully composed book of forty special dogs who have spent time and have been cared for by the staff and volunteers at Sydney Dogs & Cats Home. Some of the stories in this book will break your heart and others will make you smile. I will never understand how anyone could harm an animal and yet it occurs all too often. The staff and volunteers do a magnificent job in caring, loving and rebuilding the trust in those who have been mistreated or those who have escaped from their homes and their owners simply no longer want them. All of whom are awaiting their new forever homes.

What an amazing book with beautiful photographs of each dog. I love reading animal stories, particularly ones about dogs and this book would be one of my favorites. Highly recommended.


Great Stories Great Cause.

Great value as it’s full of wonderful, well told stories from both the dog and human perspectives. Humorous, compelling and ultimately uplifting. A small sized book with a surprising number of stories and pictures that is hard to put down. All proceeds go to the Sydney Dogs Home so it a guilt free gift for yourself and others. A terrific way to raise awareness about the wonderful dogs and cats in rescue.


Lost but Found is filled with wonderful stories of adoption. The photography alone is enough to rate this book 5 stars but then you read the stories of the dogs that were adopted from Sydney Dogs at Cats Home. Some are funny, especially the interviews of the dogs themselves and some are sad but was is most uplifting is that both dogs and humans benefit from adoption.
This is a book to read with your kids, letting them know that although we live in a disposable society, looking after and loving animals is paramount and the people that facilitate a second chance for these animals are heroes.


Lost but Found is an emotional rollercoaster of a read that left me feeling hopeful and proud of all the owners and dogs who have found a new life together. The incredibly ugly and beyond beautiful side of people is evoked in these stories. It made me laugh and cry. Lost but Found needs to come with a warning; you will want to adopt as many dogs as you can after reading.

Natalie & Adam Goodes



When I received my first camera from my grandfather at the age of 13, my passion for photography began.

However, it wasn’t until a debilitating spinal condition ended my sales and marketing career, that I pursued photography as a full time career. As I recovered from surgery, I picked up my camera again. It gave me something to do and as I honed my skills, I found a renewed love for it.

Aside from photography, another passion of mine has always been music. So, it was a natural step for me to begin shooting musicians. I have loved capturing the explosive, primal feeling of a live show, as well as the charisma of performers such as Lorde, Bon Iver, The Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, and Florence and the Machine. I relished the challenge that each live show provided and I was good at it, gaining solid work and respect in the industry.

Animals have also always featured in my life and while on a month-long trip to Africa in the summer of 2015, I realised that my lifelong love of animals could translate to something more. The combination of my passions, photography, music and animals, came together in my personal project “Pet Rock”. I was excited about shooting pets as rock stars, with my aim to create the same sense of drama and energy in my photography of animals, as I am able to get from live music performances. As I explored this project, it became the inspiration for Tame & Wild Studio.

I am proud to have built partnerships with three not-for-profit organisations, Sydney Dogs & Cats HomeSydney Wildlife and Wild2Free Kangaroo Sanctuary, that share the same values and philosophy around the care animals that I do.

At Tame & Wild Studio, I specialise in capturing the unique personality of all kinds of pets and animals. Our pets are in our lives for such a brief period of time and in that time, they become a very important part of our lives. Their unconditional and unequivocal love bonds them to their family. I celebrate the love your pet has for you, and you for them, by capturing portraits and creating artwork that you will be proud to display in your home.

I would love to be able to welcome you and your beloved pet to my studio.

Peter Sharp | Owner & Photographer | Tame & Wild Studio

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