I met Peter at his studio accompanied by my very timid dog, Bella, and my two cats Finn and Lulu. Peter is very sensitive to animals and had a way of making us all feel relaxed. He took beautiful photos of my little trio – they adorn my mantelpiece. Bella is one of the doggies featured in his book, Tame and Wild. I enjoyed reading the stories and happy ever afters, and admiring the fantastic photos he took of all the dogs featured in the book. I think I ended up buying about 10 copies to give to family and friends – all if whom gave it rave reviews.


Reading “Lost but Found” actually made me cry, but it also made me smile and laugh!
The photography was amazing, it showed each dogs unique personality! As someone who has three rescue pets (1 dog and 2 cats) I can relate to some of the stories.
Full credit to all the amazing families for providing a loving home for dogs who really needed rescuing. Thank you!
Ps I loved reading the interviews with the dogs, it was clever and fun to read !! 🙂


Brilliant . I am so excited to take our budgies for a special photo when all the current dilemma’s are over . Through a very dear friend of mine , my attention was automatically drawn to this amazing photographer . I have been following Peter for some time now. It is rare to find someone with such compassion and a true eye for the inner soul of all . Lost and Found . Truly wonderful . It takes a very special person to recognise the need to make us all aware of the plight of so many . Thank you . With much love and admiration!


We are so happy with our photos. Peter managed to capture the personality of my cat purrfectly whilst keeping him at ease. The whole experience was enjoyable for both pet and pet parent. Choosing our final product was fun and delivery was quick as well. If you want some treasured memories of your pet, Tame & Wild is the place to go!


This gorgeous book is one of the best Christmas presents you can buy this year. Written in cooperation with the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, it tells the stories of 40 dogs who were lost but then found by the Home and placed in new families. All the tales are touching, but probably none more so than that of Poe, a 12-year-old silk terrier cross who was badly neglected, but after receiving treatment for his illnesses was adopted by one of the vets at the Home. Adding to the book’s pleasure are some lovely photos and all royalties go to the Home to continue their good work. Highly recommended.


I was really comfortable when I arrived and felt very at home with Peter. He let me sit on his shoulder and inspect the studio. I was a little frightened by what I thought was lightning. I tried to hide it as best as I could but it made me jump a little at first and I need to stay close to my human. Lucky, he wore black which blended into the backdrop! after a while I got used to the noise and lightning so relaxed to get some more natural looking photos. It was hard work though, you know, looking so cute and all… I actually started doze off in the Studio. It was the best day out and now I have an amazing portfolio thanks to this wonderful photographer who devotes his life to animals like me.


‘Lost but Found’ is an awesome book! What a great cause! Highly recommended as a gift – to animal lovers or not.


The entire experience was very friendly and professional. Peter spent the time to get to know and gain Zeus’ trust, to the point where Zeus was stealing toys from the toy box and dropping them in his lap to try and get his attention, while we were working with our bunny to get seperate photos during the session. Our photos turned out wonderful and I would recommend Tame and Wild Studio to anyone that is after lasting memories of their precious pets 🐺🐰🐾


You don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy this gorgeous book. The 40 dogs featured all have a story, each one different and interesting, of how they came to the home, the search for their owners and the story of how their new adoptive owners came to the shelter and found them. There is a follow up with each dog’s new owners saying how they are getting on with cute details about their antics and bonding.

The parts of the book I really loved were the interviews with the dogs which were quite often funny. Then each dog has a photo shoot with Peter Sharp. I can see why Peter is revered as a pet photographer. The photos were cute, charming and funny and showed off each dog’s personality.

The book also explains the senior pet project which is something I’ve never heard of before. In this project they adopt out older dogs in their twilight years. There are advantages to this for some people as the dogs need less exercise, the commitment is shorter and the dogs lead a quieter life. The new owners have the satisfaction that they have made the dog’s last years of life loving and comfortable.

A few important points on finding a new friend, microchipping and desexing are also included.

All royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.


So many reasons to buy this book. Bought this book after hearing the author talk about it on a podcast and I love it and I am very proud to purchase something that support Sydney Dogs Home.. would make the perfect xmas present


Peter recently photographed my dog Max, an elderly rescue Jack Russell who is still learning to trust people. Peter was so patient and kind with Max, not wanting to push him beyond his comfort zone. Peter is also an amazing photographer and took fabulous photos that captured Max’s personality beautifully – it was difficult to choose! Peter has a great range of options available in terms of formats and materials too. I would highly recommend Peter.


Peter’s photos of my beloved dogs have captured their personalities perfectly. I just couldn’t be happier with the finished result. And Peter’s such a lovely person. Thanks for the experience, Peter.


You have been able capture Duchess’ personality in your photos and the artwork tells a story so beautifully. Duchess’ artwork will be treasured always, as we are so blessed to have Duchess in our lives. Thank you so much especially for your patience with Duchess!


Peter has a rare talent of capturing the personality and spirit of animals. He has given me images of my 2 elderly dogs that i would never have been able to capture myself. We lost one of our dogs not long after the shoot, so having these amazing memories is priceless. Peter is professional, kind, gentle and empathetic. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone.


Peter took some beautiful shots of our rescue greyhound,—so much detail, perfectly captured personality and a really fun and personable experience. Would highly recommend if you’re after some amazing keepsakes of your fur babies!


I took my dogs Billie Jean & Beau for a portrait. Peter was very professional and a natural at working with animals.At every stage Peter kept me up to date with the progress of my order. He is very talented at capturing the personalities of his subjects.

The photos he produced were stunning and exceeded my expectations. Peter was also flexible with my budget and has keeps all the images on file should I wish to return again. I would highly recommend Tame & Wild studio for those of you would like that special photo of your beloved pet.


I would highly recommend Tame & Wild Studio. Right from the moment Gracie & I walked into his studio, Peter was very professional and really took the time to get to know me and my little toy Cavoodle Gracie. The experience was amazing. Peter is so talented in capturing the moments. I have no doubt we will be back for another shoot! Gracie absolutely loved it! Thanks Peter!


Thank you so much Peter for capturing the most gorgeous shots of our Archie! You were able to capture his personality and traits so beautifully. The way you interacted with him and your gentleness and patience reflects your love and passion to animals and their welfare. So inspired by all you do on the side as a volunteer as well!


I purchased a copy of Lost but Found. What a delightful book, jammed packed full of beautiful stories and magnificent photographs.


Peter is one of the most talented and gifted photographers I have ever seen. Not only is his work incredible but the kindness and patience he shows the animals is truly impressive. My dog was very nervous at the start of his session and by the end he had a new best friend. I highly recommend using Tame & Wild Studio.


Peter’s a very good human! He let me jump on his couch, eat his snacks, play with toys… I loved it. Best of all he knew how to make me smile!


The book was a fantastic read…… lots of beautiful pics of the animals from SDACH and their different back stories. Loved the “interviews “with the animals, gave a good insight to them.Although a few sad stories….. good insight into all the animals the home cares for.

Peter captures each animals personality, which is great! He does a great jobs and makes each animal comfortable, which comes across in each shot


Loved it! Especially all the treats and attention. Can’t wait to see the pictures.


Hi Peter, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the absolutely gorgeous photos you took of Sammy. The whole experience was amazing, you are so patient, kind, caring, super talented and WE ALL LOVE all the photos of Sammy SOOO SOOOO MUCH!!! You made the selection process very difficult! 🙂 Brings a smile to our faces each time we see them. You’re awesome to work with and I will be letting all our friends with dogs to have this experience and photos with you!!! Such a rare gift you are!! 🙂 xoxo


I wish we lived in Sydney. Dave (boisterous babe Aussie Shepherd) and Olive (matriarch German Shepherd)would be in the studio in a second. I loved the ‘Lost but Found’book. I would love Tame and Wild Studio to capture the pure joy in both my beautiful dogs for us to have always. Come work in Melbourne and we will be your first clients.


Lost but Found is an emotional rollercoaster of a read that left me feeling hopeful and proud of all the owners and dogs who have found a new life together. The incredibly ugly and beyond beautiful side of people is evoked in these stories. It made me laugh and cry. Lost but Found needs to come with a warning; you will want to adopt as many dogs as you can after reading.


Peter gave me lots of treats! The food is the best part!!! Highly recommended for good food and scratchies!!


If I could give 10 stars I would! Peter really looked after me and my family after the tragic circumstances with my Maddy, and he really delivered the most gorgeous pieces that we will treasure forever. I can’t speak highly of him enough. I look forward to booking him in the future and highly recommend Tame And Wild for anyone’s pet photography needs.


My handsome boy, Revie, was lucky to be selected as one of the winners for Peters giveway. Our appointment was on Saturday morning and I must say, it was such a professional yet personal experience. Peters attention to detail is flawless, he is exceptionally patient and very honest throughout his entire process. Revie enjoyed the experience & all of the belly rubs. (And the sneaky snacks!)

Not only did the photo shoot go well, I also purchased a copy of Peters book. “Lost but Found” – Read it that night cover to cover, not a dry eye to be found. It’s so beautifully written and really makes you acknowledge how fortunate we are to have our lovely animals in our lives, their unconditional love is truly inspirational.

Such an amazing experience and I highly recommend Peters services, and will continue to do so for a long time to come!


It was so much fun. Peter and I really connected. He understood that when I am having a good old bark I am really playing. He gave me so many treats, and then thankfully mum told him about me and nuts. I love nuts! I chew them in my back teeth and expose my glorious fangs! Peter loves my fangs – my fangs love the camera! My star qualities shone through – and Mocha, who is usually the popular one, was sidelined. I felt like a king!


Lost but Found is the special story of the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home and the unique care they give to rescue animals. Some are rehomed quite quickly; some take months. Many have been ill treated when they arrive at the Home, but always the staff and volunteers love, cherish and rejuvenate these precious animals.Read about the 40 different dogs who have found their forever homes, whether they are a young pup or a senior in their twilight years. Beautiful photography accompanies each snippet with the dog telling his or her story via interviews, along with the new owner’s story of love for their new pet. The mischievous, the sad, the humourous and the lucky – all tug at your heart; they did mine! A delightful collection from pet photographer Peter Sharp designed to make dog lovers all over smile and maybe cry a little as well. Highly recommended.


The whole experience was amazing. First of all the quality of work and photos that Peter captured were phenomenal, they really captured Floki’s best features and showed many different sides of his personality, he was patient and caring throughout the whole shoot. On top of that, we bought along a foster we were looking after, Margot, whom Peter offered to include in the photoshoot no issues whatsoever, and even when she became upset because Floki was in the next room, Peter allowed us as much time as we needed and helped to get them settled. On a personal level Peter was a pleasure to get to know, and obviously loves animals, he is involved in some fantastic charity work, took a personal interest in our lives and would frequently ask after Margot to see how her adoption process was coming along. We will certainly recommend him to our friends and family, and would happily vouch for him to anyone looking for a photographer. I can not speak highly enough of Tame &Wild Studio.


I cannot fault Peter at all he is absolutely amazing at what he does. He is caring, patient and really gets to know you and your pet. I love his dedication and honesty it is really amazing to see someone so driven, it is inspiring. We went to see Peter with one of our dachshunds and will be returning with the other 4 for photos done. Brilliant work and would recommended to everyone!


Peter is a fantastic photographer and a great guy. You will not be disappointed


Thank you Peter. I had a wonderful day at your Studio. Such an honour and privilege to see such a dedicated professional in his vocation.
I was so impressed at how you interact with the dogs. The dog’s were so comfortable and at ease. And being able to sneak a look at the pictures. Wow. Words fail me. And that doesn’t happen often believe me! Thank you again.


Excited and pumped up! I loved it and the treats we awesome!


Having just had first hand experience of seeing your skill and passion in action and then then the stunning pics you captured I am not surprised that you received the awards you did! Congrats to you and thanks for the amazing experience we shared with you!


Can’t recommend Peter enough, the bonds he builds with the animals he photographs in such a short amount of time is incredible. The quality of work he produces is phenomenal along with the most affordable pricing I’ve come across. I’ve recommended him to all family and friends possible.


If you are a dog lover, you NEED this book in your life. It’s so beautiful and heartbreaking. I honestly haven’t cried (I mean UGLY crying) this hard since reading The Book Thief.

The book tells the tales of a few of the unfortunate dogs who have been brought in to the home, and been adopted out to loving families. The book doesn’t go into too much detail into the neglect and abuse the dogs have suffered. It focuses on the happy endings of the stories of dogs finding their forever homes and settling with families who love them.

And the photography… just wow. The photos of the dogs are gorgeous! Peter Sharp has done an amazing job in capturing every dog’s personality.

The best part about this book is that all royalties from the sales will be donated to Sydney Dogs & Cats Home, that do such terrific work in fostering and rehousing dogs and helping to find their forever families. Coming up to Christmas I’m going to be buying quite a few copies of this one to gift to my various dog loving friends and family members!


Just received my photos from our photoshoot in December and I can’t thank peter enough for being able to capture my stubborn little Bella perfectly, he really loves his job and you can tell by the excellent craftsmanship and quality of work he produces, I can’t wait to purchase more photos from the photo shoot! Tame & Wild studios is awesome!! Couldn’t have asked for better experience!


Peter did a wonderful job capturing the personality of my Spoodle Astro. Not only was he so patient & kind with Astro but also with my 2 kids that I dragged along during the school holidays. Answering their endless questions and getting them involved with the whole process. Anyone looking to get their pets captured in beautiful photographs then look no further than Peter.


My partner and I had an amazing experience taking our 2 Amstaff’s to Peter’s studio. Our oldest dog Dutchess (7yrs) loved the camera and up on stage rearing to go and doing all the tricks for a treat. our youngest Stella (3months) was a bit shy and wasn’t sure of the studio. it didn’t take her long to warm up to Peter and the studio equipment and we got many amazing shots to choose from ! So thrilled with the final photos we chose ! Thank again Peter!


We had such a wonderful time in Peter’s studio. He let our anxious pup Lilly take her time to feel comfortable with the camera. He’s got so many tricks to get all the special shots, and the resulting beautiful artwork and graces our walls. I highly recommend Peter and his work!


We took Rob to his studio and as he was stressed from the trip and the environment Peter took the time to calm him and helped him to relax. Very professional and the final product was more than amazing. Highly recommend 👍


Peter is AMAZING!! We had a photo shoot with my fur baby Harriet and the whole process was friendly and fabulous from start to finish.  Peter made both of us feel so welcome and relaxed, and we loved every minute (especially Harriet, who munched on treats and got cuddles and kisses the whole time). We are going back this weekend to pick up the pictures and I cannot wait to see the end result. We will be clients of Peter’s for life.  Cannot recommend highly enough!


Having read the beautiful book ‘Lost but Found’ and then seeing Peter’s work with a friend’s three dogs, well I couldn’t resist the temptation to get our little guy photographed in his final years.
A friendly, professional, relaxing, interesting experience right from the start. SnoopDog wasn’t the easiest as he’s almost blind, deaf and has dementia but Peter was very very patient and managed quite a few good shots which I really didn’t expect at all. I ended up purchasing the triptych and it looks great. Now going back with our cat!

Cannot recommend the whole experience enough. Everything is done professionally in a lovely relaxed way and the animals love Peter. Congratulations Peter on a great business and the good causes you support.


We had such a fantastic time at the studio! Peter is an absolute star, you’re guaranteed to leave the place with gorgeous photos of your fur babies 🙂


This book is cute, and sad, and uplifting and will make you want a dog. Even if you are a cat person. It will tug on those heart strings and have you browsing the website of your local shelter wondering who could be YOUR ‘Found’ pound puppy. There are so many just waiting to be loved.

It tells the stories of 40 dogs that ended up in the care of Sydney’s Dogs & Cats Home. Some of these dogs were in pitiful condition but with the care, attention and love of staff and volunteers at the home, each found their way into loving arms. Some really heartwarming stories here.

This little book is great incentive to find your new family member at a shelter, and give a dog a second chance. The photos will have you attached in no time so good luck to you if you, like me, are not in a position to adopt a pet. Because the lack of dog in your life will be a gaping hole after flicking through this book.

All royalties from the sale of this book will go towards the home, as well, so that’s a fantastic way to contribute, and you end up with this gorgeous reminder of how furry friends can enrich our lives.


I was unsure at first, but Peter didn’t rush me, he was so kind, gave me lots of treats and I think we got there in the end.


Amazing photos. Fantastic experience. Peter was so patient and built such a good report with my dog that he got fantastic pictures without stressing my dog who can be a little highly strung. Very professional and a the passion for what he does shows.


Peter is amazingly talented at what he does and really kind, my sassy little Samoyed, Lily, and I recently met Peter and the photo he produced of Lily while she was being a sass queen at her shoot is beyond what I expected and I’m very much in love with the finished product. Would have no hesitation in recommending Peter, had a great time throughout the whole experience from coming to the studio, meeting Peter and seeing all his amazing work on other animals, Lily’s photo shoot and picking her photos. I will definitely be back when my new addition to my fur family arrives 🙂 Thanks again Peter! Can’t wait to keep seeing your work. Lani


Was realgood, got heaps of snacks!


I purchased Lost but Found!It is the most heartwarming book I have ever read, it made me cry, smile and laugh.Each story was so special and unique, I loved them all.

I could see some of the dogs personality through the amazing photography (great job).

Credit to all the amazing families that adopted these beautiful dogs, and giving them a happy and comfortable life.

I have three rescued pets one dog and two cats, they all have their challenges, but, it’s a comforting feeling knowing that I can provide them with love and understanding during their challenges.

Sometimes they help me just as much! When I’ve had a bad day coming home to hugs and cuddles makes you forget about your bad day.

I love hanging out with my pets, it’s my absolute favorite thing to do (it’s so therapeutic).

Thank you for writing lost but found, this book will provide awareness and hopefully a new home for many more dogs!🐕❤️



Was an absolute delight to work with Peter! My dog Robbie had an absolute ball at the studio, he was well taken care of and the whole experience was very professional. Peter’s work was amazing, was produced quickly, and the results were extremely high quality. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!


Peter is an amazing photographer and person! Tame and Wild is simply the best; your pets will be prioritised and well taken care of. Peter also provides free photography to help rescue animals find a home. It’s a great business to support, we will definitely be coming back!


Lost but Found is filled with wonderful stories of adoption. The photography alone is enough to rate this book 5 stars but then you read the stories of the dogs that were adopted from Sydney Dogs at Cats Home. Some are funny, especially the interviews of the dogs themselves and some are sad but was is most uplifting is that both dogs and humans benefit from adoption.
This is a book to read with your kids, letting them know that although we live in a disposable society, looking after and loving animals is paramount and the people that facilitate a second chance for these animals are heroes.


Peter did a wonderful job capturing the personality of my Spoodle Astro. Not only was he so patient & kind with Astro but also with my 2 kids that I dragged along during the school holidays. Answering their endless questions and getting them involved with the whole process. Anyone looking to get their pets captured in beautiful photographs then look no further than Peter.


What a wonderful experience! We are so thrilled with the beautiful images that Peter captured of our two precious girls, Evie and Sasha. I knew from the moment we arrived at the studio and met Peter that this Going to be a special afternoon. Our cocker spaniel Sasha is a nervous girl and very apprehensive about meeting new People so it was so reassuring for her to spend the first 40 mins of our session just getting to Know Peter and feel relaxed. Evie on the other hand just loves everyone. Once the girls were relaxed we move to the studio where so may wonderful photos were taken. The end result – Simply beautiful photos that we will cherish forever!! Peter has a natural gift in both his ability to relate to animals and his amazing photography. I haven’t stopped raving about Tame and Wild Studio and Peter since we picked up our gorgeous framed prints and certainly would highly recommend the whole experience to anyone wanting really special photos of their pets.


Such a great experience with my dogs, that I kidnapped my brother’s family dog and gave them a print for Christmas (my sister n law cried) Peter is the ultimate happy person who is so passionate about his work. He gets to know the animal, then gives them time to get used to the sounds and flash of the camera. He has every trick and treat that you can think of and it is amazing to watch him work. He literally takes dozens of photos so when you come to choose them it is too hard to leave with just 1. I chose 3 and then purchased another 2 for my brother. It’s works so well for pressies and I have 3 hanging on the wall. Peter and his business are 1st class in my books.


Peter is a wonderful photographer and just a wonderful person in general.
Our dog Tater Tot is a rescue and he spent a lot of time just earning her trust and letting her feel comfortable in the studio.
He also knew how to take great photos of our other highly energetic dog Hercules. It was a fantastic and memorable time and we are so pleased with the results!
If you want precious pictures of your darling animals, don’t bother looking anywhere else!

Tame & Wild Studio by Peter Sharp

Whilst highly suspicious at first, Peter won me over with treats and I actually enjoyed it in the end. The bubble machine was epic!


I bought a copy of Peter’s book “Lost but Found” as a gift for my son but ended up reading it myself! Peter has beautifully captured each dog’s individuality in such an insightful and dignified way. The stories are great but seeing Peter’s images exemplifies the old saying, “a picture tells a thousand words” and his pictures really highlight each dog’s personality and story I love what they do at the Sydney Cats & Dogs Home and that Peter was able to showcase this to the wider public.


Fantastic experience and fabulous photos! The process was great not only for my pugs but also for me. There were so many amazing photos to choose from and hilarious memories. Peter managed to get great shots of my three pugs together reflecting their personalities – not an easy feat!


It was fun because I was the centre of attention the whole time which is exactly how it should be.


Logan and myself had a wonderful day of photo shooting. Peter is caring and loving to Logan the hole time we where there. Giving Logan beaks whenever he needed them. He also got hand feed the best grass in Davidson. Thank you and can’t wait to see the pictures


I bought multiple copies of Peter’s book Lost But Found – one for me and some for friends and family.We all LOVED it!So many gorgeous little souls finding their places in life but also bringing new life into their new homes. Love them all!Peter, you have a wonderful way with animals


Lost but Found is a beautifully composed book of forty special dogs who have spent time and have been cared for by the staff and volunteers at Sydney Dogs & Cats Home. Some of the stories in this book will break your heart and others will make you smile. I will never understand how anyone could harm an animal and yet it occurs all too often. The staff and volunteers do a magnificent job in caring, loving and rebuilding the trust in those who have been mistreated or those who have escaped from their homes and their owners simply no longer want them. All of whom are awaiting their new forever homes.

What an amazing book with beautiful photographs of each dog. I love reading animal stories, particularly ones about dogs and this book would be one of my favorites. Highly recommended.


The Sydney Dogs and Cats Home is dedicated to reuniting, rehoming and rehabilitating the animals that come to them — and Lost but Found is the story of some of those animals.

This little book is filled with stories and glorious pictures of forty dogs — and I dare you not to adore every single one of them. The entries are about what brought these dogs to the home, and yes, those parts are hard to read…

…but their stories don’t end there — the book dives into how the Home cared for them, how their new owners found them and what their lives are like now.

And I bawled through every single one!

The very first story is of Chance, an older staffy-cross who was adopted by former Swans player, Adam Goodes and his wife Natalie. He and his wife knew they always wanted an older dog, and Chance was it. This is just the first heartwarming story, and every one after will melt your heart.

But that’s not all –– the book is that it gives little interviews with the dogs too! It’s a wonderful supplement to the stories from the owners telling the story of how much these dogs mean to them.

Finally, the pictures — taken by Peter Sharp of Tame and Wild Studio — are just beautiful. They show the dogs before they were adopted and then after, when they are in their homes and loved and taken care of. What struck me looking at these images is that you can tell in every one what these dogs are feeling: sadness, happiness, curiousity or adoration for their owners who are watching them.

This book is perfect — for anyone who loves animals and dogs — and is the best addition to any Christmas stocking.

All royalties from the book go towards the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home — which is currently fundraising for their new digs because they’ve outgrown their current one.


A great fun experience for the human and the 3 dogs! Peter is a very patient and professional photographer. The results are stunning and a great product.


I was quite nervous to start with because it was my first professional photography shoot. But oh boy Peter knew exactly what my weakness is! Chicken!! That made me relaxed quite a bit. Then I felt like maybe I could play a little bit to make the process a bit smoother. Overall, it was a great experience!


Excellent work! We loved our dog photos so much that we ended up buying 3 (instead of our original plan to get 1 only). Pete was professional and has lots of experience with animals and understanding their behavior. I highly recommend Tame & Wild Studio.


Tame and Wild Studio produced the most delightful book of photos of lost dogs who went on to find their forever home. The pictures captured the sadness and joy of the journey. Such clever photographers who are able to see the personalities of their subjects and bring it into their art. I bought five copies of the book to give as gifts to family and friends. Loved it.


I got Lost But Found at a time when I was really feeling the loss of my rescue dog Billie after 17 years together. Touching, sad in places but overall a very uplifting read.


Excellent, Peter was so patient with me even though I was a little anxious. The photos are absolutely awesome – thanks Peter.


I would highly recommend Tame and Wild to anyone looking to have their companion animals photographed . Peter was amazing with our Rescued Lab rat “The Almighty Banjo Patterson “ he was extremely kind professional and caring and we had so much fun! The beautiful photos we came away with are a testament of how incredible Peters work is! Thank you so much! 💕🐁


Absolutely amazing photos from here. Peter was really great with both our dogs, and they loved it as well. The quality and professionalism whist working with the dogs is second to none. Would 10 out of 10 recommend


A thoroughly enjoyable experience for both dogs & humans. Peter has so much patience & love for his craft & animals. The photos truly captured their personalities making it difficult which images to choose. Luckily Peter narrowed it down & created a most beautiful work of art that has pride of place in our home.


Peter is an amazing photographer…. he absolutely captured the essence of my baby girl “Milkshake” in “Lost But Found”. ….Thank you Peter😊


Friendly and professional service. Peter spends time getting to know the animals (and the owners). Absolutely outstanding photos and products.

Tame & Wild Studio by Peter Sharp

Peter was so professional! A very skilled photographer and perfect manner with my (usually bolshy) but suddenly very shy tabby! He’s got all the tricks and treats, and made it fun for me too. Really looking forward to picking out some prints!


Thrilled with the great work Peter has done with my photos. Recommend him highly. Thank you!


I bought Peter’s book ‘Lost but Found’ which was the most wonderful collection of photographs and such engaging and endearing stories about rescued dogs and how their new loving families have changed their lives. I particularly love the way it highlights the joy of adopting ‘senior’ dogs, who are often overlooked for adoption. A highly commendable book and well worth every cent that is donated to the the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home!


I purchased the book ‘Lost but Found’ from Tame & Wild Studio recently, which is just a wonderful publication. The book is loaded with beautiful studio and natural photos of each of the dogs and their stories. Particularly love the interviews! Peter’s advocacy work for the respect of all dogs, especially seniors in this book is highly commendable. Be lovely to see more work like this from Tame & Wild in the future!


I purchased Lost but Found, the most delightful book, great photography capturing personalities of the animals. Stories were well written and frequently had me in tears seeing the desperation in these animals then when they received the second chance with the love and care from the wonderful people at Sydney dogs and cats home proved any animal can be saved. Perfect gift for any animal lover or just to add to your personal library. Well done Peter Sharp”


One for dog lovers… 40 great dogs, beautifully captured in pics, to tell their stories of being lost and found with the help of Sydney Dogs & Cats Home! I just stumbled across it and found it really special. In fact, love it! Nice work @tameandwildstudio and @macmillanaus.


An absolutely wonderful and fun experience. Peter is so great with animals and made Hendricks (our cat) feel right at home. The results were simply stunning – he captured her perfectly. Could not recommend highly enough.


‘Lost and Found’ is one of my favourite books – I am biased because my angel, Sasha, was featured, but I’ve always loved the photos Peter took of Sasha and Tank – so beautiful!


5 stars. I’m used to Mum and Dad shoving the camera in my face constantly, so I’ve had plenty of practice. But this time, Peter kept giving me treats and kept telling Mum how great I was even though I think she was super embarrassed that I couldn’t sit still!


Was an absolute delight to work with Peter! My dog Robbie had an absolute ball at the studio, he was well taken care of and the whole experience was very professional. Peter’s work was amazing, was produced quickly, and the results were extremely high quality. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!


Peter became Alfie’s best friend in seconds and made him so happy and relaxed. He then spent the next hour taking many shots, knowing that it’s not that easy getting the perfect one. He did though, and quite a few! He is so nice and professional and we have got the most beautiful portraits of our dog. Thank you so much Peter, we love them!”


My partner and I had wonderful time at Tame & Wild Studio, Louis our borzoi too. Peter made Louis feel right at home, got to know him before his photography session with Louis planting him kisses soon after. Our print came out more beautiful than we could imagine and we look forward to ordering some more. Highly recommend.


Peter is the best !!! I couldn’t be happier with what he’s created. Such a wonderful human being with a beautiful soul who connects incredibly with all animals. My Buddy absolutely adores him and the whole experience and personal touches Peter puts into his business made my heart sing. We adore you Peter – don’t ever change!


Great Stories Great Cause.

Great value as it’s full of wonderful, well told stories from both the dog and human perspectives. Humorous, compelling and ultimately uplifting. A small sized book with a surprising number of stories and pictures that is hard to put down. All proceeds go to the Sydney Dogs Home so it a guilt free gift for yourself and others. A terrific way to raise awareness about the wonderful dogs and cats in rescue.


It was ACE … but I did know you were holding out on the good snacks till the end.


Lost but Found by Peter Sharp is an incredible compilation of 40 dogs who have been lost then found thanks to Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.

This book is a gorgeous little package for readers — small, glossy and packed with stories of so many different types of dogs who have experienced different beginnings, and a resulting adoption.

Another day, another dog book that’s made me tear up on public transport.

This book sheds a light on the importance of finding the right dog for your family environment, and it encourages people to adopt rather than buy new puppies. There are so many dogs that need loving homes — of all ages — and they’re all worth a chance.

The book features full-page, high-res images of each dog and most entries also feature some candids photos of the dog since being adopted by its new owner.

Most of these dogs had horrible starts. They were abandoned, left behind or found in terrible conditions in dense bushland. But the entries shy away from focusing too heavily on the dog’s earlier state, and instead spends more of the page real estate talking about their adoption.

Each dog’s present owner has written a first-person reflection on what it was like to adopt their dog, and it’s a really beautiful and tender addition to each entry.

Recommended for dog lovers, and adults who have adopted or rescued dogs. A heartfelt and heartwarming compilation of really beautiful adoption stories.


Bought his beautiful book Lost but Found, beautiful photos and stories”


My babies won a free photoshoot with Peter, and it was beyond anything we could have imagined. My best friend and housemate Dot, me, and my tortie girl Elia and sphynx boy Roma, had so much fun that day, we told all our friends and family about it. Roma is a born model and took to being photographed instantly. He is a high energy boy and going out of the house and being active, jumping around, getting treats, being fabulous was really good for him. He didn’t even mind the 40-minute drive home, he slept deeply the whole way back. Elia, my princess, who loves everything to be done her way, and can never be forced to entertain others, was being a moody girl the whole time. Despite that, Peter, who is so good with animals, still took an incredible number of incredible photos, that captured not only how beautiful Elia is, but also her ‘tortitude’ personality.

Peter has a professional studio and professional experience, but he’s also very down to earth and genuine. I love animals, and meeting other people who love animals just as much is always valuable. The whole experience, the photoshoot, and coming back in a few weeks to look back at the photos and select some prints, was nothing but rewarding. And I have to mention again, Peter is a genuine, understanding person, who truly loves animals. He donated to my other cat, Maks’s Go Fund Me, without a second thought. I truly appreciate that, because Maks’s health journey has been and still is unimaginably difficult, and Peter’s help really made a difference. Thank you!


No job too big……Peter did an amazing job photographing my 50 kg Great Dane X. He captured Hank beautifully, managing to get get all the small nuances of his personality. My family are thrilled with the results. Hank was very happy and calm during the photo shoot which was down to Peter’s patience and wonderful knack of knowing what was going to work on the day. I highly recommend Peter and the Tame & Wild Studio.


Peter has worked with Sydney Wildlife to take photos we can use for educational talks. He always is so patient with the animals and takes amazing photos. I have also taken my dog and cat to Peter for Photos and was thrilled with the outcome. I’d recommend Tame & Wild Studios to anyone.


I had a wonderful experience with my dog, Bella. Peter was patient and engaging, which led to some great photos. Thank you!


Absolutely fantastic photos, it’s great to see how Pete interact with Kimba & Yogi before photo shoot and they totally trust him.


This is an uplifting book. A lovely book about our pet friends. Sad in bits but overall happy endings. A great book for a gift.


The book “Lost but Found” is beautifully compiled containing lovely, heart-warming and uplifting stories of why we should consider rescuing a fur baby. The photos are great – you can see the personality of the dogs in the photos. My son and his partner have a story in this book. They said that the photographic experience was amazing – Peter is very patient with the animals, very perceptive, and very skilled. A perfect place to get your non-human family members photographed.


Don’t know who had more fun – me or the dogs – we were all at ease within 5 minutes – Maggie is now snoring, Mocha has torn my bag apart looking for his ball (ooops forgot it was in there ) and I now have to go buy Peter’s treats because mine aren’t sufficient! Cant wait to see the results! Thank you.


Peter’s work is sensational – he captures the very essence of our loved pets and all animals he works with. I will treasure forever the book of photos of Luka and Miss B. Whenever I can I go through each page. I bought three Lost but Found books too – absolutely brilliant with all proceeds going to Sydney Dogs and Cats Home. Love your work Peter – keep it up xx


I became aware of Peter Sharp’s Studio through his wonderful pictures & stories from his book “Lost but Found”. Reading about rescue dogs & their stories of adoption is very close to my heart & Peter’s book is very descriptive & heartfelt & the stories come from the same place we rescued Dad’s dog Maddison. His photograph of each beautiful dog tells a story, you often don’t have to even read how the dog was lost but found, look into their eyes & you just know. After viewing Peter’s book, my Dad & I decided we needed to capture Maddison’s character & soul through Peter’s lens. It took a while for Maddison to settle, she has been very timid from the first day we adopted her but Peter was very patient, you can tell he’s an animal lover, anxious Maddison did well under strange surroundings & Peter managed to capture her persona in many pictures we selected for our walls & a “Maddison” book to keep for reminiscence. Thank you Peter for capturing Maddison’s soul in the many pictures you took & if we get another pet, guess who’s coming for another visit !


Peter photographed our rescue dog for the book ‘Lost but Found’. He took amazing photos in a relaxed yet very professional shoot, capturing the personality of our dog. We love the book and can highly recommend his photography. Thank you Peter.


The book is incredibly moving. I know Peter’s photography as he photographed our two Bull Mastiffs and his photos are to die for. He has captured the essence of each dog brilliantly. This is an excellent present to give someone you care about.


Absolutely amazing service from Peter! We couldn’t be happier with the photos of our little Freddie he took. We actually won one of the free photo shoots on a Facebook competition. There was zero pressure to commit to buying outside of our budget or the prize. Thank you again Peter for giving us a life time of memories of our little love in his little chubby puppy phase.


‘Lost but Found’ is a book of hope, love and the bonds forged between animal and owner. Peter has captured the unique personalities of each dog beautifully. With each animal’s story of adoption, Peter further demonstrates their resilience, courage, trust and unconditional love. Initially, I purchased the book for a friend but was so taken by the images and stories that I kept it for myself. Another order needed! A wonderful book for any animal lover.


‘Lost but Found’ is a book packed with heart-warming stories of the dogs  that found themselves at the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, and their new forever homes. A great read!


What a delight it was to spend a few hour with such a passionate and talented man. With such a love of animals it is no wonder he produces such wonderful work. Everyone we have shown our photos to are very impressed.


Peter took the time to relax our Dog and really went the extra mile.The finished product is fantastic and I would highly recommend Tame & Wild Studio.


I have been looking for a photographer to capture my corgi’s different facial expressions as well as document some action shots and was fortunate to hear of Tame and Wild Studio. Peter was very patient with my corgi, Bacon, and he made the experience so much fun and stress free. The information package he sent beforehand was helpful for us to prepare for the shoot. The artwork we got was lovely and the album was of excellent quality. Peter took so many beautiful photos of Bacon that I had difficulty choosing the final photos for the album. Highly recommended! Thank you so much Peter.


Peter is an excellent professional animal photographer. He photographed my kitten in his impressive home studio and had plenty of entertainment for the kitten. Myself and my kitten enjoyed the experience very much and the finished photos are amazing.


Peter is an amazing photographer and is so professional in his approach to his work. He was so good and patient with our dogs that who would not work with the camera. He landed ended up getting some fantastic shots of them and we are all so thrilled with our portraits. I highly recommend Peter. His passion for animals is indescribable.


We got a little photo shoot of our senior girl who has massive anxiety, Peter made her (and us) really welcome and had our girl at ease throughout! Very professional and awesome studio! I couldn’t recommend Tame & Wild enough, he’s great with all animals and has an amazing collection of prints to choose from if you haven’t got a pet but just love photos of animals 🙂


It’s not just a photo studio but an experience! Peter is patient and he made the whole process fun and exciting!


As a volunteer with the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, I had admired Peter’s work for a long time. He is somehow able to capture so many fun elements of our furry and feathered friends – moods, expressions and quirks! This prompted me to have a photo session with him which was just the best experience ever. He knows exactly how to bring the best out in our pets and i cannot recommend him enough! Thanks so much Peter and Tame & Wild Studio


The book is amazing- beautiful- brought tears to my eyes


My partner and I brought our Pomeranian, Pat Pat, to the Tame & Wild Studio for a photoshoot session. We were initially a bit worried that it may be difficult to get good photos of Pat as he could easily get anxious in unfamiliar environments. Our worries dissipated as soon as we entered the studio and realized that Peter has his ways of making pets feel right at home. Peter started with having a chat with us to get to know a bit more about us and Pat, while he let Pat roam and sniff around the studio to get himself comfortable. As Pat becomes more familiar to the space, we moved in to the shooting area. The whole shooting process was really fun for both Pat and ourselves, Peter took the time to make sure he got the best shots, while ensuring Pat enjoyed his treats and playtime throughout, and allowed us to participate and interact with Pat from time to time in order to get a variety of shots full of dynamic.

We were so impressed by how the photos turned out when we returned for a viewing session. We ordered a framed collage, a canvas and a small acrylic block, they were all very well made with excellent quality.

For anyone who is looking for a fun and enjoyable photoshoot session with your pet, I would definitely recommend Tame & Wild.


Never expected to have my dog in a photo shoot. It was a great experience & Peter was very kind & patient with Chester. Chester loved the photo shoot too. Great photos & top quality. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Peter is not only an amazing photographer with incredible talent but also a kind human being who has a genuine love and passion for animals. He always made sure my animals were happy and comfortable and gave them lots of treats and cuddles. He managed to capture my dogs’ personalities in each shot and thanks to Peter I now have some beautiful photos of my furbabies that will last forever. Highly recommend!!!!!


Violet and I had a fantastic time doing a pet portrait. Violet didn’t take long to warm up to Peter. He had plenty of good treats and tricks to get some photos. He had lots of patience when Violet just wanted to jump on and off the stage 😂. Can’t wait to see how the photos turn out.


Peter made me feel like a Rock Star!


We were absolutely thrilled that Peter gave freely of his time and expertise to help support our work in rehoming animals from research establishments. The images we received from Tame & Wild Studio of our little guinea pigs were beautiful and will help us so much in spreading the good news about rehoming. Peter’s skill and patience working with such little, timid animals was lovely to watch and we cannot recommend him highly enough!


Peter’s care and love of animals is just as outstanding as his photographs of them. His photographs play an important part of getting the animals at Sydney dogs and cats home into their new forever homes. Peter always ensures that the animals have a positive experience and has an incredible amount of patience. Highly recommended.


Absolutely stunning book. So glad I purchased it. My sister is a dog walker and I also bought one for her. She adored it and loved the photography.Beautifully captured shots of some very loveable animals. If you’re an animal lover…this ones definitely for you. Gorgeous stories accompany each image too. Thankyou Tame & Wild Studio. Xx 🐶


Peter is very professional – we had an amazing photography experience with him. Peter was very patient with Coco and gave Coco breaks in between shooting. The stand out for me was that Peter did not put pressure on me to purchase anything unlike other doggy photographer vendors we have been too. I’m really happy with my artworks and could not recommend Peter enough.


My experience with Tame & Wild Studio was fantastic – Peter makes you feel comfortable the moment you arrive, and the booking process was great too. Peter clearly loves animals which is evident in the way he interacted with me and my dog. He’s patient and he takes the time to listen to you, and provides many artwork options to suit your tastes and budget. The shoot itself was great to watch and Peter took the time to let the magic happen, even when my dog wasn’t keen to cooperate! The end result was so many beautiful photos to choose from. In just a few short weeks I was able to select the artwork I wanted and I was blown away by the pictures and quality – something I’ll treasure for a lifetime. I highly recommend Tame & Wild Studio, my artwork makes me smile every single day!


We had a great time with Peter at his studio! Our greyhound, Macc is notoriously ‘un-stoic’ in new situations, and we were initially wondering whether his anxiety might cause trouble with capturing his otherwise ridiculously dorky and sweet personality. Peter made everyone feel at ease quickly and captured so many great sides to Macc which we will treasure for all the years to come. The quality of Peter’s work honestly speaks for itself, the digitals and the printed book that we received were amazing—the only thing that we need now is more greyhounds for him to photograph!


We recently had Peter take photos of our groodle. The photo shoot was a lot of fun and we were so happy with the photos. The only downside was having to choose. Peter was very professional and we really enjoyed the whole experience!.


Peter did an amazing job with the photos for our German Shepherd Ahsoka! He truely captured her cheeky personality! He was friendly, understanding and absolutely fabulous working with our cheeky girl! I highly recommend! Thank you Peter. Job well done.


Peter is an amazing photographer and he is wonderful in capturing the personalities of the animals he photographs! I totally recommend him to people that have always wanted to have a portrait of their pet, but never found the right person to do it.


What a beautiful experience we had with our family and our Keeshond Chloe! Peter looked after all of us and the results were nothing short of extraordinary.  Incredibly happy with the process, the care, the results.


People who value animals indeed have a certain charisma that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Peter is the most talented professional I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His passion speaks through the photos he captured of my pet. From the moment we met, he took his time with my cat to ensure his comfort both with Peter and the studio to get the perfect shot. The photos we received were nothing short of amazing and I’m so proud to display them in my home. If I could give more than five stars I would; it was such a pleasure to watch Peter work his magic.

Tame & Wild Studio by Peter Sharp

My husband got me a photo shoot for our Fur Baby ‘Sandwiches’ for Christmas 🙂 Best present ever. From the photo shoot experience, to the viewing session – to now having amazing wall art of our girl, couldn’t recommend Peter highly enough. He is so patient and an absolute legend to work with – we will definitely be back 🙂


Extremely grateful for these amazing pictures I have of Loki and Kaua!! Thank you ☺️ Highly recommended!!


Incredible, unique photos that capture the heart and soul of such beautiful animals!


I cannot rave about Tame & Wild Studio enough. We had the best experience there and Peter has restored my belief in professional photographers. The quality of the pictures of our bulldog puppy are out of this world. There were no obligations and Peter worked really hard to suit our budget and requests. The love Peter has for animals just shows through his work and, as well as the way the animals are attracted to him. I definitely will be returning later on.


The photos are amazing, brilliant job Peter. I think we’ll be back next year.


I can not recommend Tame & Wild Studio enough! I have been to a few pet photographers in my time and they simply aren’t on the same level as Peter. Not only is Peter incredible at what he does, he makes genuine connections with the people and animals he has in his Studio. He gets shots some photographers can only dream of because he spends the time and puts the effort in to get to know the people and animals he is working with. This all shows through the quality of work he produces. Highly recommend!


Peter was an absolute professional and created a relaxed, fun environment. Extremely pleased with the results. I would highly recommend.


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